Helen, YFG Kazakhstan

It was such a privilege to work in a multi-cultural team in a pioneering setting and to benefit from their wisdom and relationship with God.

YFGHelen, YFG Kazakhstan

Louise, YFG Bolivia

My Year For God was an amazing time full of unforgettable blessings and real challenges. I learnt more of who God is and His faithfulness to us in all situations. It was humbling to become part of the community where I was living and to learn from the people‚Äôs lives and faith. I learnt more about who I am, my …

YFGLouise, YFG Bolivia

Caitlin, YFG Bolivia

I decided to do Year for God with the longing that God would lead me to a life-calling. I was at a point in my life where I needed some direction for my future. I had no idea that God had a different purpose in mind for me. I experienced a million different emotions on my Year for God, but …

YFGCaitlin, YFG Bolivia

Emily, YFG Bolivia

My Year For God in Bolivia was possibly the hardest year I’ve had, but it was also the best, in many was. I was put through trial after trial, but at the end of each difficulty I experienced the joy, victory and peace that God promises us when we trust in Him. My faith was put through a whirlwind of …

YFGEmily, YFG Bolivia

Steph, YFG Bolivia

YFG changed my whole outlook on who God really is and how I can have a personal relationship with him. God used the experience not only for the benefit of the kids and families we were working with, but also for my faith. The DTS teachings take you deeper spiritually and biblically. In fact, I would recommend the whole year …

YFGSteph, YFG Bolivia