The overall financial cost of the programme varies depending on your chosen location so it is important to check out the summaries below or on the individual location pages. We aim to give you a clear idea of the finances that you will need, but in some cases the prices are the best estimate available at the time and may vary (especially airfares). Where prices are quoted in $US the sterling equivalent will be dependent on exchange rates at the time. The ones quoted here are intended to give you a guide based on the exchange rate £1 = $1.2 US. We do ask that you will have all the money or promise of it before you leave for location. This is an explanation of what you will need to pay for:

  • Application Fee: £25 for all locations. This is a non-refundable payment to cover processing your application and needs to be paid when you submit your main application form.
  • Orientation week, Debrief week & Administration: £395 for all locations. This payment covers your orientation & debriefing weeks, administration and communication costs. £200 is payable when you receive your acceptance letter and the £195 balance can be paid either before or at the orientation week.
  • Travel and Medical Insurance: Good health and travel insurance is essential for the year. Previous students have used SALT insurance who insure missionaries working overseas in long or short-term travel. To find out exactly what their insurance covers, go to and look at their ‘summary of cover’. Basic cover costs approximately £450 annually. There would be additional cost to cover expensive items such as laptops or valuable digital cameras. Other YFGers have used Banner Insurance in the past as well, but it works out a little more expensive than SALT. The banner website is You are, of course, absolutely free to find your own insurance, as many YFGers do, but you do need good cover for the year. These companies only cover UK residents.
  • Immunisations: These may vary according to what you may have already had or need for your chosen locations. You will need to arrange these through your doctor. We recommend the Rabies pre-exposure jabs for all locations.
  • Visas: These costs will vary depending on the chosen YFG location. We will advise you as to what visa you will need and help you through the application process.
  • DBS check: A DBS check is required for all trainees. If you are a non-UK resident you will need to get an alternative police check done such as Accufax for US/Canadian applicants.
  • Airfare: This is an approximate cost of a one-year return to your chosen location. We research the best prices and dates and try to synchronise flights with other YFG trainees going to the same location.
  • DTS and Placement Fees: Again these vary according to location. This covers your food and accommodation.
  • Personal expenses: These are not included in the budget and cover things such as toiletries, laundry, communication home, social expenses etc. These will vary from person to person, but an estimate of £15 per week is normally plenty. Living in most locations is relatively inexpensive; however if you wish to explore the country in your 3 week holiday, allow for more. You will also need to budget for ongoing expenses at home, such as National Insurance contributions (UK nationals), private pension, etc.

[accordion][accordion_item title=”Ukraine Costs”]

Ukraine Costs

Application fee (£25) & YFG fees (£395) £   420.00
Travel and medical insurance £   450.00
Immunisations £   200.00
Visa & DBS check (approx.) £   310.00
Air fares and taxes (estimate) £   150.00
DTS inc. outreach £2,800.00
Placement fees (£325/month for 5 months) £1,625.00
Language lessons (cheaper if shared)Total £   525.00£6,480.00
[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Uganda Costs”]

Uganda Costs

Application fee (£25) & YFG fees (£395) £  420.00
Travel and medical insurance £  450.00
Immunisations & Anti-Malarials (approx.) £  400.00
DBS check £    60.00
Visas £  300.00
Air fare and taxes (estimate) £  700.00
 Travel in Uganda (to & from the base) £    50.00
DTS Fees, including outreach £1,350.00
Placement fees £   750.00
Total £4,480.00
[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”India Costs”]

India Costs

Application fee (£25) & YFG fees (£395) £  420.00
Travel and medical insurance £  450.00
Immunisations £  300.00
DBS check £    60.00
Visas (approx.) £  250.00
Airfares and taxes (estimate) £  700.00
Travel to & from the base in India (by bus) £    30.00
DTS lecture fees (60,000 rupees) £  700.00
DTS outreach fees (based in another Asian country) £  900.00
Placement fees INR10,000(Town)/INR5,000(Village) per month £  600.00/£300.00
Total £4,410.00/4,110.00
[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Indonesia Costs”]

Indonesia Costs

Application fee (£25) & YFG fees (£395) £    420.00
Travel and medical insurance £    450.00
Immunisations £    300.00
DBS check £      60.00
Visas (inc. visa run) £    650.00
Airfares and taxes (estimate) £    900.00
DTS Fees £ 2,600.00
Placement fees £    650.00
Total £6,030.00