Quote from Christiana, YFG Ukraine

“Year for God is not just a gap year but a platform to launch you into a life lived for God. During this year as I laid out everything before God, I watched Him take me, mould me, re-shape me and completely change my life. In finding my identity within my Creator, I have now discovered that missions was what …

Quote from Elizabeth, YFG India

“An amazing opportunity to continually fall in love with God and see the beauty of serving others, while building relationships that you’ll remember the rest of your life.”

Quote from Gareth who just completed YFG

“If you’re looking for a year where God will stretch you, develop you and demonstrate His love and compassion in your life and the lives of others, this is for you.”

Our most recently returned YFGer said;

“A once in a lifetime opportunity to really experience another world culture; grow to know and love a people different from your own; and to grow in faith, knowledge of God, and His missional heart for the world. YFG is a spring-board year, which will prepare you, in a way that few other experiences can, for a life of service …

Naomi from YFG Uganda says:

“Year for God is an incredible opportunity to really step out into new things and to have a focused time to build on your relationship with God. It is a year filled with so many different teachings and experiences that will stretch you and grow you into the person you were created to be. It is a real blessing to …

Suzie, YFG Bolivia

“Such an amazing time to learn more about our amazing Father God and draw on Him completely and learn to rely on Him and watch His faithfulness and love take over. Wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.”

Peter, YFG Uganda

“Do you want a year to be challenged, experience another culture and grow in your relationship with God? Then YFG is for you!”

Annabel, YFG Bolivia

“An amazing and challenging opportunity to grow in your faith, to mature in your character, to discover a new culture and make some really great friends. When you take a step of faith, God shows His amazing faithfulness.”

Lauren, YFG India

 “God has proven that in small steps of obedience, He is indeed faithful. His love shown to me through this year has been so great. I can’t thank you enough for this absolutely blessed experience!!”