Alex, YFG Uganda

My year in Uganda was totally different from anything I could have imagined. I was totally immersed in a whole new set of cultures – not just the local Ugandan culture but also the rich variety of cultures that a multinational YWAM base contains. I learnt new ways of doing life – new ways of behaving socially, new languages, new ways of doing church and ministering to people.  My experience was so rich and deep that, having been home 3 months, I’m still learning and growing from everything God taught me and is still teaching me through my YFG.  At the start of our DTS, we were all asked to come up with a theme for our personal journey through DTS, and I felt mine was “the doorway to a new season of life”. It has proved to be true – the YFG was my doorway to a whole new chapter in my walk with God!

YFGAlex, YFG Uganda